Center for Musical Export of Serbia, or CEMES is a representative association of music professionals. Besides the musicians, it is also an association of professionals related to the music industry who export their services to foreign clients, such as music producers, sound designers, mastering engineers, organizers of music festivals, promoters, record label associates, etc.

We aim to join forces to achieve better circumstances for spreading our music and related services overseas, promoting, positioning on the existing foreign markets, and reaching new ones. We are aware that our music and related services are of competitive quality and creativity anywhere outside of our country, and we seek opportunities to perform on international stages.

To fulfill these objectives, we invite all musicians and related professionals from the Republic of Serbia, both citizens and residents, to join our efforts and enable the necessary breakthrough. If exporters of food or industrial goods are receiving incentives to export more, we believe the exporters of music and related services should receive state incentives, too. If manufacturers of wine or furniture are given subsidies to participate in international fairs, we, the manufacturers of music, must receive similar subsidies to participate in festivals and music fairs abroad.

The power of an association like ours is in the well-defined ideas on how to achieve the stated aims and capabilities to fulfill them, as well as in the numbers and linkage of our members. We build our network of local, regional, and international organizations and significant individuals, and we cooperate with them, exchange knowledge and participate in common events and actions to enable the common good for our colleagues everywhere.

Therefore, we invite all musicians who live in the Republic of Serbia and are already exporting their music or intend to do so, as well as all related professionals who export their services or intend to do so, to register on our website and build their profiles, and to take part in the activities of CEMES. It will enable every individual or collective member to link and communicate with other members of the professional community, find necessary band members, venues, sound designers, or other related professionals, and also present themselves to international festivals, promoters, or labels who will use our database.